Final consult questions - Help!!

  • my3flyers
  • South Dakota
  • 1 year ago

I met with my surgeon today to go over last minute breast reduction questions.  I was very surprised when he gave me some of my answers.  I asked about a compression bandage or special bra to go home in and he said the bandage would be very minimal and that I wouldn't "need" to wear a bra if I didn't feel like wearing one.  From what I have read on real self this seems to go against the norm.  He did say that he personally doesn't recomend the sports bra type garments.  I wonder what his reasoning for the no bandaging/bra would be. I don't want to second guess his procedure (as he's one of the best surgeons in our area) but it makes me a little nervous after reading so many stories of sureons wanting their patients to wear certain bras for so many weeks post op. Comments - Questions - Experience- all of the above more than welcome.  Thanks!!