Fillers under eyes after surgery.

  • Missing Me
  • 2 years ago

Has anybody had fillers injected under their eyes after surgery?  My doctor did a horrible job on my lower bleph - even though mine was transj. I still have a deep hollow look under both eyes - it's like you can see the entire orbital rim of my eyes and it has aged me so bad.  Plus, the wrinkles I have now make me look like a frickin' shar pei dog!  I can't believe I paid $7,000 to have this doctor screw me up.........and oh yea.....he thinks it looks great!!!! Effing doctors!!!  Anyway, I am scared to death to let him go in again to try and fix what he messed up the first time so I am considering fillers to try and fix it a little.  Has anyone done this and did it help?  Man, if we could only turn back time :-(