Fillers under eyes after surgery.

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  • 2 years ago

Has anybody had fillers injected under their eyes after surgery?  My doctor did a horrible job on my lower bleph - even though mine was transj. I still have a deep hollow look under both eyes - it's like you can see the entire orbital rim of my eyes and it has aged me so bad.  Plus, the wrinkles I have now make me look like a frickin' shar pei dog!  I can't believe I paid $7,000 to have this doctor screw me up.........and oh yea.....he thinks it looks great!!!! Effing doctors!!!  Anyway, I am scared to death to let him go in again to try and fix what he messed up the first time so I am considering fillers to try and fix it a little.  Has anyone done this and did it help?  Man, if we could only turn back time :-(  

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Yes no worries this can be fixed. I went to an oculoplastic surgeon to do my fillers after my surgery. I did not go back to my board certified plastic surgeon. It's amazing how fantastic an oculoplastic surgeon is! You will be great no worries. Fillers can fix all!
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Thanks for responding. The only problem is my surgeon IS an oculoplastic surgeon. :-(
Not sure if my first reply went through so sorry if this is a repeat. I have a lower lift surgery planned with Dr. Soparkar and you are the first person I've found who had actually had this surgery with him. Can you tell me if the plan was to remove or reposition fat? Did he discuss what he was going to be doing with you before the procedure? I'm so nervous about this surgery, I may just back out!
Also, SO sorry you are not happy with the results. I'm sure there is a fix!
Yes he did discuss this with me - he repositioned the fat - did not remove any. What he DID NOT tell me is that it would take a year to recover and that I would be trading the bags for a ton of wrinkles. I still have horrible bags, one eye is smaller than the other and I have so many wrinkles that I try my best not to smile because I am so embarrassed. I am 48 years old and I look older than my 90 year grandmother when I smile. I had absolutely NO wrinkles before this surgery. I was put in the hospital at one point because of my depression so all I can tell you is if you don't have very, very bad bags then don't do it. You will have a minimun of 6 months recovery (90% of the people on this site will confirm that). It is a HUGE risk and he will tell you if you don't like it he will redo it for free! REALLY!!! I paid him top dollar because he was supposed to be the best so you would think he would get it right the first time. Plus, who wants to give up 2 years of their life while trying to recover from 2 frickin eye surgeries. He will also tell you that you may need a little filler here and there afterwards but again, who wants to take that risk year after year and finally he will tell you that if he fills it too much HE has invented the stuff that dissolves it if you don't like. Well do your research on that too because it can actually eat away your own tissue leaving gaping holes in your face - there a ton of pictures out there on the web that will show you this. I look worse now than I did before - still have bags, have tons of wrinkles, have deep indention under one eye that makes the bag look even worse and one eye is smaller than the other. I could go on an on and I will if you want more information but for now I will just tell you that these doctors lie because all they see are dollar signs and they could care less how this affects a person's life. A law passed several years ago and you can no longer sue a plastic surgeon for malpractice unless they kill you or you lose a limb. Therefore many surgeons are doing plastic surgery that have no business doing so and they will tell you whatever you want to hear to get you to do the surgery. Maybe you will have better luck than me if you go thru with it - I just wish I had been happy with what God gave me and had not been so vain!
I'm really so sorry you've had such a horrible experience. The lower lift, in particular, is very risky because it's such a delicate area. I have consulted another Houston occuloplastoc and was given the nearly the same recommendation... Outside cut, trim a little skin and muscle, reposition fat, correct with filler after the fact. But I am not feeling any better about the situation. Would you be willing to share a before and after?