How to fill in butt dimples?

  • teresa deshazo
  • 6 years ago

this gonna sound crazy but i was wondering what i could do to hide dimples on the butt its not celulite, one big one on each cheek can juvaderm or restl. hepl im open to suggestions ive had these sink holes forever HELP!!!!!!!

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What's. Up. With the pills that suppose to make your butt bigger? Have any one tryed it.?and do it work don't. No the name just hard about them.have any body hard r no does it exist and if so do it work.
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Juvaderm or Restylane could help. . .but it will cost you a fortune and may only last 6-12 months! Is a $20,000 a year derrier worth it to you? I suggest having an autologous fat transfer to the areas (Brazilian Butt Lift). This is a process where we take fat from another area, usually the outside of your thighs, and put it in your buttocks to augment the areas that need it most. It sounds like you have the perfect place in mind!
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