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A Few Hundred to Several Hundred

  • Sami Lou Who
  • 1 year ago

Am I to understand that the range for Botox for Migraine is a Few Hundred (is that $200?) to Several Hundred (is that up to $999) I'm having a hard time understanding the difference between a "few" and "several" Please enlighten me. Being a person who is careful with my money I guess the concern is the cost compared to the value of the outcome. I strongly dislike word like few and several because use to describe the potential cost of a treatment, which according to what I read is somewhat painful. Up to thirty shots or so, here and there around the face, head and neck. If that is goinga to be painful, I certainly want to know how painful it's going to be on my budget. I have suffered for many years with chronic migraine and now my salvation is imitrex. One little pill and a head ache is gone. No pain except the cost during those periods of time when I didn't have insurance coverage. It was always cheaper to have the pill around than to miss a day of work or an activity of my daughter"s. I have often wondered where they came up with the idea that 9 pills a month was a good number. Never have gotten an answer for that. But here I am typing this and still alive in spite of taking tweny pills a month and sometimes more. Only negative I have is that the pillls do take a bit of time to work. The injections I took originally worked much faster, but there was the trade off that I hurt and the injection site. I think I'll stick with the pills, thank you very much, Dr. Shelton

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I would think you would need to consult with a physician to get an accurate quote of what your treatment would cost, since it probably varies from person to person. Right now the average cost reported by other RealSelfer's who received Botox for migraines is $700. If you want to keep an eye on the average cost you can always check it on the main Botox for Migraines page.