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Feeling Scared, Unprepared and Ready to Cancel

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  • Albany, NY
  • 1 year ago

I'm having a freak out day today. My surgery is on 1/22 and I feel like I haven't gotten much if any information from the Doctors, even when I call. I'm getting a ventral hernia repaired, a full tummy tuck (including muscle tightening) and lipo in my upper stomach, waist, hips and back.  I'm currently 230 lbs and the plastic surgeon was ok with that because he said I was extremely active and had hit a plateau as far as weight loss.   My ventral hernia will be repaired first, then the other surgeries.  But nobody has called me to give me anymore info. I called today and was informed that my pre-op was a telephone interview and my bloodwork and labs will be done the day of the surgery or the day before.  How do they know I'm healthy?  When will I be informed about supplies and prescriptions I might need?  How do they know that 230 lbs is ok to operate on and I don't have any underlying problems like heart problems or diabetes that maybe I'm not even aware of?  I haven't had a physical and they don't require one.  I'm kind of freaking out. I feel like this is all last minute stuff and am feeling unprepared. Today I feel like I want to cancel.  Any advice would be greatly appreciated.  I'm scared!

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So? How did you do?
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I forgot all about this message :( I did not end up having the surgery on 1/22. The dr. cancelled due to having the flu. I'm on for 2/5!
Hi, there I'm in a similar boat with the pre surgery jitters,,,You happen to live very near to where we do....If I can figure out how to send you a PM I will do so to tell you my experience thus far,,,,My PS is actually the complete opposite and has required all sorts of pre-op testing, physical, even had to consult with my specialist who is out of the area. I think it is very normal, here I am reading to try and get brave and call to schedule the surgery, I'm freaking out.... Big HUGS! mylifeplus4
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I replied to your PM!! I'm now seeing that you have not scheduled yet so pay no attention to me asking if you did in the message!! I wish you were scheduled so we could recover together being that we live so close too!! Lol
It's going to be ok!! I wasn't required to have pre testing until untold them about my history! So if you are not having any medical issues or have had any that you would need to be cleared from, then it is standard to not have pre op testing. Good luck!! In a few months from now, we will look back on our experience and wonder why we worried so much!! Think positive!! Keep us posted!!
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Typo... I told not untold!
deep breaths...lots of them. I felt similiar the week leading up to my surgery. My surgeon while great was very nonchalant about the whole procedure being that he does them everyday. I on the other hand....was not :-P First call your doc and explain your concerns and have them talk you down. Go to office if you need to have that person to person talk. This is not a run of the mill surgery, you need to feel confident in your decision and most of all, comfortable. I did not have a physical either. My PS required blood work 7-14 days prior to surgery. I did have a pre-op visit where he took pics and answered any other questions I may have. I was free to call him at anytime with things I thought of leading up to surgery. I bugged the crap out of him lol Then a nurse from the hospital called me to conduct my medical history over the phone, about a 15 minutes phone call and she covered everything! The day before surgery I was a nervous wreck but I kept picturing the end result and remembering I was doing this for me and it will all be ok. I am 6 days post op and while my back is killing me, I am happy with everything so far. You will do great and be fine....just keep taking deep breaths and if you like wine, get a few bottles :-) good luck!
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Thank you both! :) He ended up talking me off the ledge and explaining why they don't call for those tests anymore. I just need to get cleared for the pre-op and I'm home free. I can't wait to be on the other side and be able to give advice.
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I did have preoperative appt with my family doctor not with my surgeon if urban that worried make it with ur regular doctor. I also didn't have much info from my surgeon but the ladies on this site helped me to know what is needed. I was extremely scared n nervous n unprepared. But, all went well n I'm almost a year from all that stress. I even had many medical issues that we knew about that could've been problems. You WILL b ok n u will do awesome n look awesome.
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I havent had my tummy tuck yet, so I cant speak from experience. But, i would be wary of them if they are doing a preop over the phone bloodwork the day of surgery. I am the same weight as you and active but would never be comfortable with not getting fully evaluated prior to surgery. Keep in mind that this is a major surgery. If I were you, I would get another Dr.
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