I Am Feeling Very Emotional About my Reduction, Why?

  • Lulu56
  • Lansing
  • 1 year ago

I wanted a BR for 40 years. Went from a DD to a C? Nit sure yet. Feel flat, no curves, less attractive/sexy. I expected a self esteem boost, not thus emotional let down. I am 4 weeks post op. They are beautiful, she did an amazing job, I just look in the mirror at a strangers body.....

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Having cosmetic surgery creates a huge rollarcoaster of emotions. Your body is working so hard on healing and your emotions end up all over the place. Im a pretty level personal emotionally but this experience has also thrown me for a loop. Ive had a few procedures done in the past and with each one I questioned my decision right afterward but eventually as I healed completely I was thrilled with the results. Be easy on yourself and realize that its going to take some time before you feel completely back to your normal self. You were beatiful before and you will be beautiful afterwards also. You havnt changed, your body is just a bit different. Your emotions will eventually accept the new you and I think youll eventually be happy with the changes. I know what you feel like- that your looking at a stranger.....Im so used to having a flat chest- its weird getting used to having large breasts. I actually also am glad that some of my stretch marks remain on my stomache as they are a reminder of each of my 3 kids. Weird!! Just know that your feelings are natural and will get better with time. xox Hugs!!!
It's ok to feel this way! For 40 years you wanted to change, and it's kind of like being excited for Christmas and then not getting quite the gift you wanted...close, but not exactly what you asked for. And you had part of yourself cut away - that's hard to get used to, especially when you don't recognize your body as you. Talking about how you feel helps. Writing down the positive things, helps, too...all the reasons you had for 40 years. :) Good luck, and keep us posted on how you are doing!