feeling very cold????

  • ricanmami
  • Buffalo, NY
  • 3 years ago

after my TT (march 1st) ive been getting really cold to the point where im shivering even with 5 millions blankets on top of me...then i fall asleep and wake up sweating like nuts....anyone else experience this? is this a side effect of meds or the tummy tuck? or just my body being weird lol

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I too was really cold. I had dh put a portable heater at my feet at night and had two blankets at me. I'm 12 days out and fine now. Back to normal.
I agree with Trifecta... I remember this happening to me after I had an epidural with my son.... I wasn't really "cold" but shivering like I was freezing.
cold is caused by less adipose tissue (fat) that was used to keep you warm...
This happened/is happening to me too!

I had my mastopexy, TT, and lipo yesterday. I am not really cold, I'm just shivering. This usually happens when I'm on the way to the bathroom and for a few minutes after I get back into my recliner. I put two blankets on me and I'm fine. My PS said anesthetic drugs and gases can contribute to this fall by reducing your body’s natural ability to regulate your own temperature. A few days post-op you will still have these effects and it is pretty common. My surgery was pretty lengthy so I'm just hoping for it to go back to norma soon :)
I was cold too, for a couple of weeks at least.

My feet would be cold and clammy, even with socks. I finally started getting hubby to make me a hot water bottle to put under them on the recliner's footrest.

I also wore fleece jammies to bed for over a week, then gradually moved to flannel pjs.

Now, at week 6, I'm still wearing a light T shirt to bed - more for my shoulders than cold, since I'm still sleeping on my back.
OMG! I thought it was only me who was feezing. It went on for about 10 days PO and every now and then I get it. I had to sleep with my socks on, which is something I never do. I had tons of blankets on me and was still cold. I still get cold easily, but not as much now. I am walking around with a light fleece jacket on though, which helps. So, long story short, it's not you. I've had the same thing happen to me.

Have you taken your temperature to make sure you don't have a fever? You might want to contact your plastic surgeon about this to see what he or she says. Good luck and let us know if it keeps up.