Do you get feeling back in your nipples?

  • donna225
  • 2 years ago

I had cancer and I'm currently going thru reconstuction. A lot of people has told you loose the feeling and some has said you get feeling back in them.

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I had mastectomies for breast cancer. You can read my review here: Because I had radical mastectomies that included removing my nipples, there is very little feeling there. I have some sensitivity in parts of both my breasts and some numb areas too. You will get some feeling back but nobody can really say how much or where, and it can take months and even years for nerves to grow back so don't get discouraged if it takes a long while. Hope you are past the scariest part and I wish you health and happiness as you continue your journey.
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I recently had reconstruction surgery to correct a deformity, and I was numb for a week or so after the surgery on my entire right breast, I am starting to get feeling back, but unfortunately you feel sharp, shooting pain as the nerves heal. Give it a month or so to heal, and see if the feeling comes back, most people get at least some feeling back with time.
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Hi Donna,

Welcome to RealSelf.  Nipple sensitivity issues depend on many things. Please consider submitting a review of your surgeries here Providing details of your surgery and resultant reconstruction will allow our community members and contributing physicians to accurately comment on your sutuation. Looking forward to hearing from you again and supporting you through your journey. xo, Beverly

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