Feeling down

  • cjl
  • Texarkana, TX
  • 3 years ago

I am feeling down today. I've read many reviews from others over the last few months leading up to my surgery and so I know this is kind of common. I am lonely being stuck in this house. I don't really feel like driving or going anywhere, and all my friends/family are working. When I look a pics of myself I feel like I look fat. I don't have a waist. I posted a review with a few pics if anyone wants to see and give me an opinion. I am disgusted with how fat my legs and butt are!!! lol. I may have to get lipo for that...but hopefully when I can exercise again I will be able to target those areas. Anyway, just feeling lonely and wondering if anyone else out there feels that way today too.

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You are on the emotional roller coaster:)  All part of this process and it will pass. 

Try to get out an sit in the sunshine.  That helps lift the mood.   Also try to stay positive and think about your end results. 

This is all temporary and before you know it you will have your normal life back and you will be done.

And as always we are all here on the site to support you.

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Ooh girl, what you are feeling is completely normal and exactly what I went through. I threw myself a huge pity party one day as i posted on my review! Same thing..tired of being in the house, bored, lonely, but on the other hand didn't feel like going anywhere either. Swollen, drains in, etc..asking myself wth was I thinking when I signed up for this!!

But, just wait...the best is yet to come and each day you get stronger and swell less and feel better and I found once I said NO MORE, I began to get better. I said no more pity parties and I started easing my way back into life, back into jogging, working out, etc. and I feel sooo much better. I will be 6 weeks on THursday and can't believe how quickly is has gone by!

Hang in there, when you get lonely reach out on here and say hey!

The best really is yet to come!!
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