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How do you feel about your scars?

  • Nikisreal
  • Fort Stewart, GA
  • 7 months ago

So I little background, I have had three C-sections, three large babies. Gaining a lot of weight with each. Losing it all has taken an awful toll on my body. Needless to say my skin is very stretched in my abdominal area... it sags and kind of just hangs there. I have bad recti distasis, which makes my torso appear much wider. The skin bothers me emotionally as well as physically. It literally runs my life, I constantly look at it and I am repulsed. I hate wearing jeans because of the Bulge it leaves , I do not wear any tightfitting clothing, and shopping alone is a horrible chore. It has affected my self image, as well as my marriage. I have done a lot of research on tummy tucks and I know it will help me a great deal. I recently seen a plastic surgeon in my area, and he recommended a mini all around the world tummy tuck for ultimate results. He said he could take over 2 inches of skin off from all the way around my body. I was surprisingly pleased with the price, so that was not an issue. I guess I was just curious about the scars. I had mentally prepared myself for a regular tummy tuck scar, I already have a C-section scar, so that was not an issue however and all around the world will leave me with a scar all around my body. I guess my main question is, how do you feel about your scars? I know scars are a small price to pay for feeling better about yourself, normal with jeans on, or being able to wear a nice fitting article of clothing without being repulsed.I know I won't be in a bikini ever! Of course I have tons of stretch marks. I am just curious as to how you all feel about your scars where are they worth it for you?

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I had mine done in 2007 and they fade in time to the point where I hardly see them anymore. I personally think the scars are worth it because I would rather have scars then hanging skin.
I had arm skin removal last year and a breast lift/implant also a lower face/neck lift all due to weight loss, before that I had never been is a little weird at first but over the year all has healed you don't even see the arm scar except for a pulled spot at the ends of both arms that I am having redone. So since I was able to live with these scars I went ahead and signed up for a LBL and long thigh lift to be done this Tues! talk about scars I am going for the mother load of scaring, hoping that they too will fade just as nicely. But like you said the trade off is going to be so great it will be worth it as it was with my arms.
Thank you for your feed back, I would much rather deal with the scars than the sagging skin. So I guess it's a given! I think I am just getting nervous!