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Do you feel worse when Juvederm wears off?

  • bribri
  • PA
  • 1 year ago

To any of you who have had Juvederm, did you feel even worse about your looks once it wore off?  I would imagine if you dislike something enough to take the plunge and you get a glimpse at what it looks like once improved, you would hate it even more once the effects wore off?  I have wanted to get Juvederm on my nasolabial folds forever, and have finally saved up some extra money to do so.  However, I do not have a steady job right now, so who knows if or when I would be able to do it again.  I'm just worried that it would make me hate them even more in the end!  Has anyone had this happen?

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No, there’s no such thing like that after Juvederm worn off you will feel worse but will have the same appearance as it was before Juvederm. A lot of implementation has been made in cosmetic procedures but unfortunately there is no such option available to make Juvederm permanent. As it is Hyaluronic acid filler it dissolves and just be temporary. I you like the effects after Juvederm then do consult your dermatologist again and ask for some other permanent solutions. You can also consult at Look Younger MD in USA.