How do feel about Susan G Komen's decision to withdraw funding to Planned Parenthood?

  • beverly witkin
  • Atlanta, GA
  • 2 years ago

Breaking news...Komen reverses decision due to public outcry! Now uninsured and underserved women will continue to benefit from Komen funds by receiving mammography and associated care through Planned Parenthood efforts. Good call Komen!!! 

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Susan G. Komen for the Cure is a leading supporter of breast cancer and cervical cancer care and research. It used to support Prepared Parenthood heavily, until now. Komen CEO Nancy Brinker is attempting to gloss over the truth that the business is pulling financing for 16 of 19 Prepared Parenthood clinics by exclaiming that the media's representation of situations is “a gross mischaracterization.” Source for this article: Susan Komen attempts to deflect heat from Planned Parenthood decision.
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Pretty amazing how quickly this was to whip through all of our social media channels. I would venture to guess there wasn't a single person with a facebook account who didn't see posts from several of their friend regarding this.

Happy to see the Komen Foundation listening.

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