Feel Selfish and Vain

  • serenity1923
  • 1 year ago

I had breast augmentation years ago and got 350cc submuscular.  This got me to a 34C and I was thrilled. I have gotten a little smaller, confirmed by my PS and I am seeking a revision to 450cc submuscular.  When I approached my husband about this he was pretty upset.  He told me I am being selfish, vain and is fearful that this will never end.  I re-assured him that this is it.  Just this one revision, but he keeps saying the same thing and is now asking me where do you draw the line. We have a 4 year old daughter and is using that against me.  Here's the thing, I make plenty of money to afford this, but we have a shared account so he considers that "our" money.  I have stood by him when he went from a Ford Ranger to a Sport Trac to an F-150 where he put 10K down.  But he is making me feel terrible. Am I in the wrong for wanting this ONE revision?