Feel Selfish and Vain

  • serenity1923
  • 11 months ago

I had breast augmentation years ago and got 350cc submuscular.  This got me to a 34C and I was thrilled. I have gotten a little smaller, confirmed by my PS and I am seeking a revision to 450cc submuscular.  When I approached my husband about this he was pretty upset.  He told me I am being selfish, vain and is fearful that this will never end.  I re-assured him that this is it.  Just this one revision, but he keeps saying the same thing and is now asking me where do you draw the line. We have a 4 year old daughter and is using that against me.  Here's the thing, I make plenty of money to afford this, but we have a shared account so he considers that "our" money.  I have stood by him when he went from a Ford Ranger to a Sport Trac to an F-150 where he put 10K down.  But he is making me feel terrible. Am I in the wrong for wanting this ONE revision?   

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No, you are not in the wrong. It's good to spoil oneself from time to time. If he's truly hung up on the shared bank account (although you make enough), why not set up a side account? It can be your Boob Bank Account. This way he sees there are no repercussions financially. Further, to use your child is a low-blow! That is ridiculous. How would he have felt if you said the same when he bought his toys?
Thank you. DH and I spoke about it. I made some very valid points reminding him of times that I supported him even when I disagreed with his decision because I knew it was important to him and that I am merely asking for his support. He said he would be fine with it but preferred I wait a year or so. I have to have jaw surgery for medical reasons so he would like to get that overwith first. As of current insurance will cover it but that my not be the case a year down the road. Note: for whatever reason he was under the impression that the revision surgery would cost $10K...have no clue where that came from.