I Feel I Was Pressured into Signing on the Dotted Line Can I Get My Deposit Back?

  • needinfo2012
  • 2 years ago

I recently paid a deposit on a 13,000.00 bill for Lifestyle Lift procedures. If I signed up on the day of my consult I was to save some $. I have been doing some research on this company and the procedures, and quite frankly I am scared to death to go thru with this. Shouldn't I receive my money back. After all if they are who they claim to be, they don't need to keep money for services not done.

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Good question. There is a contract cooling off period, but I think it varies by state (in my home state, Maryland, it was 72 hours). I'm not sure what state you're in but look into cooling off periods -- your state attorney general's office should be able to tell you how long you have, if you can't find it online.

The contract may also tell you whether you can get a refund, and under what circumstances.

I hope this helps. Please keep us updated!

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