Do you feel like yr doc has stitched you into the skin of a tiny person?!

  • Charlie123UK
  • 1 year ago

You know when you wear something that's too tight and you wrestle with it all day, then come home, take it off and the relief you feel is amazing? Well I have that sensation of being in something too tight, only I can't take it off, as ITS MY SKIN!!!! Arrgghhh! My doc has stitched me up so tight, which I guess is great (I'd be carping about it if he hadn't, I'm sure) but my godfathers, I feel like ripping my skin off. Anyone else have this feeling? I'm nearly 3 weeks post op. Will it all soften/loosen up a bit? Am I expecting too much too soon?

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I had BR reduction this past Monday and that is the same way I feel. its like the stitches she gave me have no give at all. I feel so tightly squeezed and now my boobs are swelling big time and burning like crazy and it feels like my incisions is about to split open.
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Hi Charlie123, Yes this is normal! Yr Dr has put in a 'dissolving' suture under the inframammary fold and it does get very tight until your body 'dissolves' it. In time and when you are naturally moving more and more it will ease off. It takes approx 3 months (sometimes longer) for your body to metabolise internal sutures. Its early days yet!! Take it easy and by 8 weeks do GENTLE stretching of your arms daily, and deep breaths. It will get easier and if your sutures extend along under your armpits, you may find they 'ping' first! Its a weird feeling! Mine went in the shower and I thought my boobs had fallen apart! It was the internal suture breaking but the under boob ones take longer! Good luck in your recovery and I hope this helps. x
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