Do you feel like losing weight would help the appearance of your breasts?

  • 2 years ago

Five months ago, RealSelf member rdtm posted a question in the Q&A community asking doctors what sort of breast procedure would be right for her body type. One thing she heard from several of the doctors was to lose weight.

Rdtm hired a personal trainer, started working out, and cleaned up her diet. Now she's back after having dropped many pounds, asking what breast procedure would be best since she's shed weight and toned up.

Do you feel that losing weight would help the appearance of your breasts? Or will only surgery do?

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By loosing weight, you will loose some of your breasts but while losing some of your breasts, you should get some skin cream, add saseame seed oil to it, shake well and add to your breasts massaging them on a daily base. Your breasts will not sag as much and will regain their elasticity and healthy form.
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well, considering that when you lose weight you normally lose breast tissue, then unless you have very elastic skin losing weight would cause your breasts to sag more. Losing weight is normally more a recommendation for those seeking a breast reduction. I myself was looking into a reduction before I lost 40lbs as I was a 36 G/H.
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