February Breast Reductions Check in Here

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Feb. 28, 2012
It's done! I like what I see so far. I haven't taken a close look inside the dressings/bra, except to follow the doctor's instruction to check the color of my nipples -- pink and getting good blood flow, not purple or black. I have a drain in on each side, and they are simple to empty and "reset". The vicodin makes me sleepy and kind of loopy, but the highest my pain has been when it wears off has been about a 5 out of 10.

Bless my RN sister who's taking really good care of me. Today we will be leaving our hotel for her house (about 2.5 hours away), and I will stay there till my post-op visit next Tuesday.

Dr. Rajagopal and her staff were very kind and helpful. This doctor has a lovely manner, energetic and warm, and whenever I can take a look at her work, I'll report back on that.
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How are you other Feb 27th gals doing?
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4 more days to get through! Getting anxious, nervous, excited. Surprised I can sleep.
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I feel pretty good, but my sweet tooth is kicking in, so I know part of me feels anxious....
Did your PS give you meds to take prior to surgery? I have to take a Zantac like med and a pill to prevent nausea or vomiting.
We also decided to get a hotel the night before by surgery center. I'm scheduled for 7:30am. I live 45 min away. Traffic will be a nightmare and no way I'm gonna be late. Plus I don't need that extra traffic stress.
I'll be in a hotel the night before and the night after. And thanks for the reminder -- I have one more Rx to pick up!
Hello everyone.....Its day 3 after surgery,still sore and oozing a little bit,very tired today,and my antibiotics are raging havoc on my stomach ughh,but not taking any pain meds anymore,so thats a good sign.My back is getting sore from sleeping proped up on 5 pillows.I think I will venture out tomorrow for some shopping therapy,not to long,don't want to overdue it.TTYL : )
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Viva - my doc's comment was, she thought she could get me to a "C", but I'm not sure whether that was just "sales" or not... Best of luck to you!
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oops, meant to "reply" to Vivalv66 above
I'm scheduled for surgery on Monday, Feb. 27th at SF Plastic Surgery & Laser. Had my pre-op yesterday. My sister came with me, and when we were done she said she felt like the spirits of all our big-busted ancestors were in the room with us, learning and encouraging.

Right now I'm a 42DDD and hoping to get to a C when everything settles down. I'll keep you posted.

Thank you everyone, for your stories.
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Wow I just measured myself and 42DDD. My surgery Feb 27th too! My doc thinks I will be a D though. Hoping for a C.
Hello everyone.....surgery went great,got home at 3pm today....was quite tired and groogy after surgery,slept most of the time in recovery,a bit soar now as freezing has worn off,so taking T3's and on antibiotics,ice packs as well,which is a life saver.Go to Dr's tomorrow to get dressing off,so will get to see the girls yeah!.I was so surprised at the hospital,I wasn't nervous or scared at all and had not much anxiety at all,nurses and Dr's were terrific,put me at ease right away.Just thought I'd share a funny note to this whole thing,hubby picked up daughter from school this afternoon from her class,as she was getting ready to leave a friend says to her out loud"How come you going home early,Katie?..Katie replys outloud"going to pick my mommy up at the hospital,she had her boobies fixed"....what a funny girl,only 6 yrs old,but so honest about everthing.Anyways to all who have up coming BR surgery and those that already had it,THANKYOU for putting my mind at ease,I am so glad I found this website,really inspired and informed with all the great stories and info,and thanks Kimmers25 for starting this site.I will post my after pics in about a week.Thanks to pieces.memegirl(and my NEW girls : )
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So glad to know that your surgery went well! It's such a relief when it's all over and you're back in your own home. Enjoy the healing process and your newly "fixed" boobies....Your daughter sounds like a real cutie!
So glad everything went well and you were calm :)

Yay you are on the other side!!   See I told you that you could do this!  

So happy for you! I wish you a speedy recovery so you can enjoy your new fixed boobies.
That sucks!!Janined...I would be livid too.My BR is in 2 days,I had to rearranged my work sschedule etc. as well.Hopefully they will get you in sooner.
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Well...its 5:20 am and I'm off to the hospital for the big surgery,didn't get much sleep last night.Will chat later when all is done.: )
Best of luck with your surgery meme! Know that we're thinking of you and keeping you in our prayers. I'm sure all will go well! Please keep us posted when you're able.

Sending happy and healing thoughts your way.

Ladies.....forget above post....they just cancelled my surgery, due to a breast cancer pt needing my spot........I am livid......yes I am sorry for the breast cancer pt......but the next available time is for March 28th.......I feel like I finally have gotten the guts to do this.......I have done everything they have asked......all the pre-ops, changed a ton of peoples schedules at work etc......and now they want me to wait 6 more weeks....I am pretty sure I cant wait and have asked the dr to personally call me......to see if someone else can do it...........
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So Sorry! I am Feb 27th. Pre-Op is Friday. I would be bummed of they re-scheduled. So much work getting everything organized. I hope it all works out for you!
Hey there,

For me, having somebody around who had been through major surgery and could share the experience with me was a huge benefit. Even just lining up a friend to call who has been there--whatever the procedure, not necessarily BR--would be good, I think.

You'll do great!
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