Feb. TT united... lets talk post op

  • Susanne3692
  • Northern Arizona
  • 3 years ago

Hello everyone, I had my TT on the 23, I am 4 weeks post op now... I am going thraough a lot of swelling and I was wanting to talk to other Feb. postops to see where your at in your recovery.... see what everyone else is going through... Need a lil support.......

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Hi Baltimore

When I went for my 4 week checkup, the PS noted that most of the swelling was now below the navel and that I could quit using my binder if I wished, as long as I wore something that didn't dig in at the waist, and had spandex control on the lower abdomen. I actually kept wearing my binder for the support and comfort it provided, until nearly 8 weeks - not continuously, but a lot of the time.

I'm wearing my old pants still, at nearly 9 weeks. They are baggy in the hips and bum, and a bit loose in the waist. However, wearing a smaller pair is uncomfortable and stings around the waist. If you have loose dresses or elastic waist skirts, now would be a good time to wear them.
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Thanks for the suggestion.
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Hello My surgery was Feb 28th I am 5 weeks PO today. I must say I expected the recovery period to be horrible it hasn't been smooth but bearable. I am standing completly tall know it took 5 wks for me, I have an infection in my incision and had to have it re-opened a little on 4/1/11.I have to clean and pack the wound twice daily. My swelling occurs mainly through in the evening and night. The swelling is reducing some. I must say that being constipated is the worse thing that can happen during this type of recovery. I have a little muscle control in my tummy now. Each day seems to be getting better. My PS told me that most people go back to work after 2weeks there is no way in the world that I would have been able to do that. I am still sleeping in my recliner my incision is still very tender (probably due to the infection) I have a question at what point can you fit back into your clothes? It seems that the swelling is moving down I think that's a good thing
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Spinmama, I looked at your before and after and you look amazing! Your results look wonderful. You are not alone, my swelling had gone down and just this past weekend my stomach was puffy, swollen and tingly to the touch. It will pass....are you keeping track of your sodium intake, this is a huge problem for me...if I eat something high in sodium I swell up like a balloon. Maybe you need to take it easy, even though mentally we are back on track...physically our bodies are still healing. Most docs say 6 weeks to return to a work out routine but this is just a baseline, everyone is different and it might just be that your body needs a little longer to recover. I hope u start feeling better soon, just know that you are not alone....and some people may try to minimize the surgery but this is really a major surgery...you will get past it...give yourself time.
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Hey thanks for posting this. I had my tt Feb 8th...so Im about 7 1/2 weeks post op, and honestly miserable! I feel great except for trying to work out. Even just day to day walking has been bothering me. Im so swollen I feel like Im carrying a tire around my waist and look 4 months pregnant. I have this bulge on top that is basically trapped blood that wont dissolve. I actually look worse now than when I went in. Its so embarrassing cause people who know I had it done are looking at me like - you dont look any different. Ive gotten very depressed over it all, but its nice to know Im not the only one with swelling issues. Honestly I dont think I would do it again. Maybe my expectations were to high or I picked the wrong ps?? Not sure, but really want my life back.
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Spinmama, I'm sorry to read that you're so discouraged. Have you considered asking your PS to prescribe a low dose antidepressent? It would probably help take the edge off until you're where you want to be.

What does your doc say about all the swelling, etc.?
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My surgery was Feb 2nd, so I'm 8 weeks now.

I just quit wearing my binder last weekend, because it was such a comfort and supportive. I'm still sleeping mostly on my back, and it helped to keep my back from getting sore at night.

I had a checkup on Tuesday, and the PS commented that I still have some swelling in the hips and back from the lipo. He said that will take up to 6 months to settle down, and not to plan to buy new clothes until May at least. He also said that the stretch marks I still have, near the hips, are 'outies' not 'innies', which is how I can tell there is still swelling to settle down.

My lower ab, below the navel, is where I typically swell later in the day. I sit in the recliner with an ice pack for a while each evening, and I also sometimes wear one of those back support bands, wrapped low around my lower belly.

All in all, I'm feeling pretty good. He said not to do too much, as it exacerbates the swelling. HA - I barely do anything, and certainly nothing remotely like physical work!

The doc said he cut off about 6 lbs, but I've lost 17 altogether. Perhaps some will come back when I start exercising more, and maybe eating more. I find my appetite has diminished, and I hope to keep it that way, just by not stuffing myself until I'm full, then realizing I'm stuffed and didn't need so much.
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Hey Susanne, I will be 4 weeks post op tomorrow....my surgery was 2/25. I am right there with you when it comes to the swelling, I am still experiencing alot of swelling mostly near my incision. I have a whole puffy section right above the incision. Although I've noticed in the last week or so that my swelling has gotten a little bit better. I went back to work this week.....and I have to say that although I feel ten times better than I did two weeks ago...I still feel extremely tired by the end of the work day. Something that is really driving me crazy right now...and it seems minimal compared to everything else that is endured during the recovery process but it really is annoying is --- my incision is really low right by my pubic area..I was shaved during surgery and the stubble is driving me CRAZY!! It itches, and the growth rate has obviously been affected because 4 weeks later I still have stubble...this is probably my biggest issue right now..LOL...any suggestions?
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Honey 72,
Go get it waxed or keep shaving it... LOL
Sorry you had to go back to work so soon,,, I am sure that being tired is very annoying. i am stressing about returning on my 6th week. I will be glad but i know that I will be tired too. I have to work 4 ten hour shifts.
I get more swollen on my left lower quadrant of my stomach than I do my right lower quadrant.
I also notice that even my incision and below it becomes puffy on that left side. and then on my right side it is only puffy above my incision.....
My PS still wants me to keep the incision covered with tape until my 6th week,,,,,

I thank you for posting on here. I am glad that I am not the only one with swelling issues.
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Hi there Mixter, Thanks for the questions. It was not as bad as I expected.. Im a whimp when it comes to pain but I completely tolerated this. Pain meds were very helpful...

I know I was in a bit of pain for the first 3 days.
The first time your PS removes your binder within the first 24 hours is uncomfortable and for some reason your muscles tense up in your abs... It hurt...
Walking for the first time was painful. but bearable.
It gets easier as each day moved past.
You kind of need strong leg muscles to get on and off the toilet, cant really push or pull yourself up. Its all in your legs.
my PS gave me valium so i would not get muscle spasms... it helped a lot
getting in and out of bed was an extreme chore so I slept in the recliner
Your back will kill you because you have to walk all hunched over.
Plan for your family to completely do everything for you for the first 2 weeks. and I simply walked around the living room for exercise the second week. I could only do 10 laps around my ottoman.
You definitely will be constipated so make sure you start off taking a stool softener daily.
you will not have much of an appetite and you will be unable to eat as much as you used to because you fill up fast.
I would definitely read the 12 things you need to know forum as well as the DO's and Dont's after TT,
Within that page you will see the survival guide.. Very helpful......Good luck and let me know how everything goes. Post some before pics, you will be glad you do .....
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Thank you for your information. I will have an appointment on Apr.11st. Looking forward to it.
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Hey Susanne, I'm scheduled for April but want to know how you feel about everything. Is the post op period as bad as you expected, not nearly as bad or worse?

Are there any tips you can give to those of us having surgery in the next few weeks?
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