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I too had fat transfer through Sheri Burke. But I had a very scary experience, I couldn't breath the night after surgery. I called the doctor directly because by this time I knew that I would get no response from Sheri, she had already taken my money and had vanished. I speak fluent Spanish so the doctor sent for me and put me on oxygen. I have no idea what would have happened if I didn't speak Spanish. I felt like I was dying. I looked like a monster for about a week, and then really stunning for about 3 months, then by month 4 completely gone. The doctor said it would be permanent, so I went for it. I think it could be if done by a very skilled surgeon.
Now after I paid, the patient coordinator Sheri Burke yelled at me. She told that all the people who posted negative comments about her are crazy and that if I post anything about her then she will post my name. She wont give me papers that I need to get back to the USA. I look dreadful and the doctor said no to worry about it.

OMG Need Information you have have very scary story.  I am so sorry to hear about the challenges you have had. I wish I had some encouraging words of wisdom for you.


I have to admit I have never heard of a fat transfer to the hands.  I can see why it would be  a desireable thing to have additional fat in the hands, I don't know if it would really work.  From what I know from my research and experience that the transfered fat has to revasculate to stay alive so movement of the transferred area has to be kept to a minimum. If don't know if the fat would survive in an area with as much movement as the hands.


I sincerely hope thatyou make it through okay with no complications and that your results improve.  I hope you will post your own story here on a thread of your own to share your experience.  It may warn others of what happen.  Or if things do work out (which I hope is the case) it may show others what can happen in the surgery healing process.


I have heard of scary stories such as yours when people go internationally to have surgery.  It can be so tempting because the costs can be significantly less.  But international safety standards and health codes vary so it can be really taking a chance for serious complications.  That is not to say that there are not qualified surgeons/surgery centers internationally it just takes so much more research to be sure.


My heart goes out to you Need Information.  It may be best to see a doctor at home to double check things to make sure there is no infection or anything like that.  I wish you all the best.
I am in Can Cun. The experience was scary. No one soke English. I am trying to say that I am going to be sick and they just stood there. I needed something for pain and they giggled. The international coordinator made so many mistakes and I to keep reminding her off my appointments. She is very phony and was nice till she got the money then she avoided me. I asked her about that and she screamed at me. I told the doctor that my hands were so bad that I could bot look at my face. I told him that the reason that I had fat placed in my hand was to get rid of the wrinkles and the veiny look. He recommended hand cream. During the hospital stay, the nurse l slept on my couch. The left the urine bag on the floor and when they removed it, she draped the tube across my hand. They did not wear gloves to start IVs.

Need information.


Based upon the only information I have I can only say hang in is too early in the healing process to be overly concerned.  It takes a while for swelling to go down.  You may have bumps and hard ridges that will smooth out with time.


What does your doctor say?
I am 10 days post op from having a face lift and fat transfers in Cancun Mexico. I am disfigured.
Hi, Secrets no problem its true what we said i even know of a doctor who is an expert in fillers he is against, fat transfer as it does not last.and Michhy i dont give a damn what you say.!!
Hello Rock are absolutely right.
i had fat transfer in my hands and it only lasted a matter of weeks......absolute rubbish ,and i do notice ,especially now,that even surgery does,nt last very long.
I had lower facelift in march this year,and today i look exactly as i was before....and these doctors always have an excuse as to why it never lasts......
Wow jewel, take a chill pill and stop being such a cow. Misty was just putting in her 2 cents. If anyone is bring a "smartypants" it's you lol you're even worse with your silly cut and paste of journals with citations.. GEEZ you sound like a little teenage brat who needs an attitude change
The information cited about is from 2007. Procedures improve and results improve as time gets better. My first fat transfer was done 2 years ago and the results are still great.

Hmmm, I have had several procedures with Dr.Cruise over the past 2 years. I have found him and the staff to very knowledgeable and helpful.
more like Misty H had more than one fat transfer.!!

Rock chic


I did have more than one fat transfer.  But the fat the second time went to my temples where hard bone was starting to show and in my forehead.  I had just a little added to my lower cheeks.  This did something different than my first fat transfer.


I only went back for a second one because I was pleased with the results from my first one.


I just want to say the Real Self is here so that people can share their experiences with different procedures.  People should feel comfortable post their experiences here good or bad with out getting any hostile replies in return.


As you can see here, fat transfers have mixed results.  I am very pleased with my results and nothing anyone says will change that because I see the results everyday.


So if you have had a bad experience with a fat transfer...share what went wrong.  But there is no need for anyone to call anyone else's opinion or experience "crap". Hostile replies make people not want to post their stories which defeats the purpose of this site.


It is fine to disagree...just do it in a respectful way.

Hi, Misty sorry if i upset you the thing is i had a fat transfer december last, and the surgeon misled me and said it would last 10 years only with one transfer and i payed, over four and a half thousand pounds, and he let me down badly also he never gave me a receipt for the money i gave him, i have been told i should claim against ,him., it has made me depressed, as you are happy with your fat transfer could you tell me how to contact the , surgeon that done yours that would be great thanks take care, kind regards , rock chic.

Thanks rock chic.


I am so sorry to hear about your experience rock chic. Wow...your surgery was very pricey.  I think I would be upset too if I spent that much money and I didn't see a lasting improvement.

I wasn't upset.  Sometimes people get very passionate here on Real Self so replies can get defensive or seem hostile.  Sometimes people have bad experiences and they are angry (many times justifiably so) so the anger shows through in the postings. It can be tough to control emotions, especially if the postings are about a person's own appearance. If a person has has plastic surgery that means they really care about their appearance so if a procedure doesn't go well it can be depressing or even downright devastating.


I am no doctor, but it is my understanding that only so much fat will survive a fat transfer.  So some times more than one is needed to get the desired result. People may also not keep in mind that even with a fat transfer your face will continue to age.  You will lose facial fat as you get older.  A fat transfer won't stop the clock but it is supposed to turn it back. 


I also want to say that having realistic expecations is really key.  I think a fat transfer is not a major transformation, but just a very nice subtle improvement to shave some years off a persons appearance by adding some youthful softness to a face.


It does seem that fat transfers are a very controversial. There are so many things that come into play with respect to the surgery.  The surgeons skill, the patient's health and after care, post surgical stress and the list goes on. 


My surgeon is Dr. Joseph Cruise in Newport Beach, CA.  I have had several surgeries with him and I have been please. Just google his name and location and he has a very helpful website.


I wish you the best rock chic.


Do you feel like your fat transfer is completely gone and you look the same as before?
I am very pleased with the results of my fat transfer. I had my first one more than 4 years ago and I still happy with everything.
Thanks.. Do you work for a plastic surgeon or surgeon who performs this procedure?
I don't work for a plastic surgeon. I just had the procedure done. The plastic surgeon I went to is Dr. Joseph Cruise in Newport Beach
I was lied to by the staff at Dr. Joseph Cruise in Cali, but it turns out that it is just a waste of money .
If the fat is disturbed then it will get lumpy and break apart i know tjis because after my -***** of a dr pushed onto my lower eyelids with heavy pressure he instantly damaged the fat graft with his stupid fingers,
What proof? could you cite some sources that are as credible as the UCLA division of plastic surgery and are not just written by one or two odd balls?
Believe me they have proof since that was written.I know first hand. Like I said gain weight and you will see that area grow in a abnormal way related to the rest of your face.Just try it and see.Or get an MRI.
And michhy, the article is not commenting on if the fat graft lasts, it is simply stating that
there is no proof that the fat cells live and that you can't predict the outcome.

here is the article again, maybe you read it wrong michhy:

In 2007 doctors from the UCLA Division of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery wrote an article:

Conclusions: Although there is an increased trend in replacement of soft-tissue volume with autologous fat transfer, THE LITERATURE FAILS TO PROVIDE DEFINITIVE EVIDENCE OF FAT SURVIVAL. - Autologous Fat Transfer for Facial Recontouring: Is There Science behind the Art? Matthew R. Kaufman, M.D.Timothy A. Miller, M.D.Catherine Huang, M.D.Jason Roostaien, B.S.Kristy L. Wasson, B.A.Rebekah K. Ashley, B.S.James P. Bradley, M.D. (Plast. Reconstr. Surg.119: 2287, 2007.)

Quantitative evidence of clinical fat survivability and predict-
ability of volume restoration DOES NOT EXIST- (Plast. Reconstr. Surg.
119: 2287, 2007.)
then why the heck did he and his division write that article???????
and let me correct you: they last as lumps. Who wants hard lumps under their skin? I have no doubt that all the little 3mm hard lumps last. I do doubt that the hard lumps are fat though. They are calcification or scar tissue and I know this because they are hard, not soft like fat.
The consequence of fat injections are multiple lumps under your skin. They are just 3mm in diameter but they cause daily swelling and a puffy look that you don't want. And they can be both seen and felt!