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Fat Transfer to Face: I am 52 - Prefer Answers from People Who Have Had This Done in Dallas, TX

  • plano00
  • Dallas, TX
  • 1 year ago

My face seems to be shrinking and I am considering a very small chin implant.   One plastic surgeon said that he did not believe that I really need it. --since my face can only take a very small one.. ... It would be more noticeable to my profile vs. from the front- he says. Another plastic surgeon said it would improve my look..  -&, according to the 3d photoshopped pictures, it would look great.  This doctor also said that he would use fat transfers to my face.  I thought that sounded wonderful, but I have many questions about that.--& this is what this post is about, at this time.   I have seen many woman in Dallas looking very strange, so even though I see before/after pictures how does one know that you will not look bumpy, blown-up, or strange.  The pictures in the doctor's office look wonderful, but I never see people that are my age in these pictures... and also, what  they look like after 5 or 8 years... or so?  So, do they look more wrinkly when the fat is absorbed?  I do not want to feel like I need to continually add fat every 3 or 5 years ... I want to know if I will look worse later... if I were to add the fat to my face... than if I would do nothing to my face? - we are all hoping to improve or we would not be doing this.. but, I want to hear feedback from patients or relatives of patients.  I have no one else to ask...add more fat in my face later? If the fat is absorbed, do you feel  like it is a waste of money?  Do you believe your face is more wrinkly after a couple of years, once the fat is absorbed?-- than you would have been if you did not have this procedure? Also, I have learned from a plastic surgeon's nurse that sometimes if you gain weight in your body, your face may blow up a lot more because of a fat transfer procedure.  -is this true?   Could I get some feedback from people who know, please?   Also, I would benefit from people in Dallas answering this post.. because I do not plan on going out of town to have this done... There should be a capable doctor or 2 that can perform this procedure locally?   -So, information from doctors in the area is much appreciated!   Thank you!