Fat transfer with explant

  • JudithD23
  • Northern California
  • 1 year ago

I would love to get advise/opinions, etc regarding fat transfers. I now have an explant surgery date of April 10th, unless I get in sooner, which I'm hoping for. I spoke about having fat transfer but I'm not sure if this is good and if I do it, should it be done at the time of the explant or 6 to 9 months later.   Any ideas or personal experiences would be greatly appreciated.  My PS is very conservative and only does from 100 to 200 cc and so there's very little fat transplant death because of the small amount of fat transfer. Also, I'm thinking that maybe with the removal of the implants there will be more area for the fat cells. Although my implants are under the muscle and I'm not sure where the fat goes. Perhaps not under the muscle?  Ideally I'm not looking forward to two procedures, who is, but I want to do what's best. I'm concerned with how my breasts will look after the surgery, like everyone else, thus I'm considering the transfer. And yet I don't want to have false positive mammogram readings and then have to have biopsies.   What to do, what to do...... thanks for reading and input would really be appreciated.