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I Had Fat Injected into my Lower Face and I LOVE IT. Why Doesn't Everyone Do It?

  • momiemkovr
  • Los Angeles
  • 3 years ago

I always have botox in between my eyebrows and above my brows. I was going to do a filler in my lower face to have more youthful look. I asked my long time Dr. what could be done. She never mentioned transferring fat. After my full TT and breast lift consult I asked the same question. It was decided to I would do it. The results are incredible. I love it! I think I was lucky to have this procedure done by someone with a lot of experience! So why don't more people have it done?

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i have a consolt for dr ma mani to repair a fat transfer /mini facelift gone wrong . is this a bad idea? i am only 28 and terrified. most of the posts here i think have been taken down. can anyone message me or help me with a recommendation
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i have a consolt with dr marc mani. I am hoping to correct a previous fat transfer /mini face lift. most of these posts have been taken down .please someone post or message me if this is a bad idea or where i can go
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I am in Ky. and my Dr. is in Cincinnati Ohio his name is Alex Donath he did a wonderful job on mine, the only problem is that it doesnt seem to look as good as it did when I first had it done around my eyes, or my mouth, it has kinda gone away, but my cheek have stayed and look wonderful...If you need anymore info I would be glad to help...
I'm considering fat transfer in December. What is this I read about far injections separating the muscle from the face? How is that even possible? I'm starting to worry. I have some Voluma in my face now and it's great. Not sure if I should consider that instead.
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Hi, how are you ? Was wondering how are you doing 2 years later with the facial fat transfer? I'm getting married later this year and I feel really bummed because my face is losing volume specially under my eyes. I have done injectables but they last. Would you share a picture with me? I appreciate your sharing. All my best Simone .
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hi, glad that you had good result from a fat transfer; i read about many more unsatisfactory result so that must be the reason others stay away from it as i do. could you post some pics of your lower face where you had injections? thanks...
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I was awake for the entire thing, just numb. He made incision behind my ear lobe to do it. It was the area between cheekbone and jaw. From the front, it looks ok but quarterview, my face looks flat as a pancake
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I went to a very reputable surgeon to have a chin implant. He also lipo'd my cheek area. At first I was thrilled the fat was gone but now I have a very flat look to my face. He wanted to use fat to fill out my cheek bones. Thank God I didn't have money for the procedure. So glad I read these posts. I am sorry too for what your going thru
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which part of the cheek area did he lipo? The front or sides?
Because the fat separates the muscle from the face. No MD talks about this side effect.
your saying that your PS doesnt believe in using fat transfer.
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Dr. Marc Mani - Beverly Hills.
Posts are deleted were yiu happy with dr mani?
I understand regarding a long law mess. Not really going to help your deal with this. Maybe because my PS just did the lines around my mouth I got lucky. My Botox GP has never mentioned anything to me either just that it's not true what the ps's say about it being as lasting as it is. I'm shocked she did tell me not to do it. Dr. Brown in Woodland Hills CA is someone I really trust with my health. She doesn't do the injections herself only lazers and fillers and also treats woman with pain related illness. I really am effected by your trama and I sincerely hope you both get the goodness you deserve.
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Dr Brown - Woodland Hills in the SF Valley? Is she who you went to for your F/T and if so if she didn't do it, then who did?
hi popthehood, I had my fat injection by Dr, Quiroz in TJ mexico. He did very good work. Dr, Brown is not for fat injections as I recall. Dr, Quiroz did my jowel area while I was having my TT and BL/reduction. I love Dr. Browm, she is a big part of history now. Known her for ever and continue to see her for many things! Tear troft injections she did for me had great results.
Hi Whoppi...I will send his name to you by private message on this site. Check your messages.
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Where did you have it done
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Dr. Marc Mani - this PS is supposed to be one of the best in CA?
"Everyone" doesn't have it done because its not worth the risk. So many of us on here, including myself have had terrible reprocussions from fat transfer. And many of us have gone to doctors that were considered very reputable. There are just too many ways for it to go bad. Lumps, fat sacs under eyes, and distortion. The risk is compounded by the fact that it is almost impossble to fix once its done. It can take months, even years, to get back to a "semi" normal appearance...all at great expense, not to mention the mental anquish of not being able to look at yourself in the mirror without crying. Its devastating. No one tells you that before you have it done. Most of us found out the hard way. I personally think, given the risk of a bad outcome is far too frequent, this procedure should be banned for anything other than severe disfigurement from say car accidents or gross genetic defect. Read the negative reviews on this site alone for an idea of just how bad F/T can go and the heartbreaking stories of women who have put their lives on hold while desparately seeking a way to even come close to looking like their former selves again. I am one of those victims. I thought it could never happen to me...I was wrong. To anyone considering this procedure, please...please, take a look at the majority of reviews on here that are negative. The risk is too great that you will end up adding your name to the women here (and other sites)who now regret the decision every day they look at themselves in the mirror.
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That so beyond words. Could you sue the PS? You so anythign to make yourself feel better? So sorry to hear that. I knew of some of what your saying, I just trust this guy, that's all. So so so so sorry. You could not have known the PS that did this was any better or worse then the next guy. You sure didnt do anythign wrong! That goes for anyone here.
I am considering a lawsuit or an arbitration. I would like to get my money back so I have the funds to get the damage fixed. It is also my hope that a legal action will discourage my doctor from performing fat transfer on anyone else. On the other hand, any legal action is an expensive and time consuming endeavor. At this point I would rather focus on healing and my mental health. It is much more devasting when cosmetic procedures go badly on the face. There is no way to hide it under clothing. It stares at you everyday from the mirror...from the time you wake, till you're getting ready for bed. That face looking back at you is no longer your own...and its not pretty. All from something many of us were led to believe was a simple non-invasive procedure. Even with a good doctor, the result is varied for any of a number of reasons. Nearly everyone responds differently depending on their unique body chemistry. With fat transfer, there is no way of predicting how many fat cells will survive or die. Because of that, it can be uneven from one side to the other, or one area to another leading to asymmetry and distortion. It is especially risky around the eyes because in that area the damage is often permanent. The track record of success on this procedure is not good. You can see that just from the negative reviews on this site. Had I known there was a 50% chance of a bad result, I would never have tried it. It's too risky, even in the hands of a skilled surgeon.
I am so sorry. I know exactly how you feel, I hate looking at myself. I went from looking 10 years younger to 10 years older, with ugly ugly bags under my eyes. This procedure is unpredictable. If they under fill, it doesn't last. If they over fill, there is this huge chance of permanent facial damage. It just isn't worth it. I am hoping to get mine repaired. Not by the same doctor, as I don't believe he know how to, but by someone magnificant. I will let you know when I find him. I keep looking. I will not give up.
Dr. Marc Mani has noted fat injections separate the muscles from the face. No PS wants to be sued.