Can Fat Injected into Cheeks Travel up Around Eye Area Causing Tightness and Sore Eyes?

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  • 1 year ago

 I had fat injected into my cheeks in January of this year at the same time as a lower face and necklift. to my horror when I came out of surgery one cheek was a lot more swollen that the other. it's now May and my left cheek is still bigger than my right which geatly upsets me.

Also a great concern is that my eyes have not been the same since eyelids appear slightly swollen and eyes are sore I feel a tightness around my eyes also my question is can the fat go up towards the eye area?

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I have tightness from fat grafting around mouth and eyes. Sometimes it looks as if my eyes got pulled down at the corners. My thoughts are, it could be scar tissue doing this. Not sure if fat grafting can travel upwards to the eyes but anything's possible
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Hi there, welcome!

Have you spoken to your doctor about this and had their opinion on what happened?

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I spoke to the surgeon that did the procedure and he said he does not know why one cheek is more swollen than the other as same amount of fat was put into both cheeks and he just said that he did not put any fat near my eyes but my thoughts are that it has possibly travelled near to the eyes and I wanted to know if this is possible.
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You could use our ask a doctor feature, which allows you to put forward questions, which are then passed onto board certified doctors, in order to provide you with professional information.

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