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Fat Graft to Treat Hollow Eyes after Fractora: Surgeon Recommendation in London, UK

  • FractoraEyes
  • 2 years ago

Hello I've lost all the fat around my eyes as the result of Fractora treatment. Can anyone recommend a good surgeon to replace the fat. I'm especially wanting the upper socket done, the lower can be done with reversible fillers I'm told, but they are not safe for the upper.  Any info gratefully received!

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Fillers are safe for the upper. Who told you that? Fat grafting in the upper eyelid needs to be done by an expert as the skin is very thin and any errors can result in lumps which are irreversible or at least very difficult to remove from the eyelid...
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I'm just thinking about Fractora treatment on my face, especially smile line and eye bag, now i really need to reconsider it.... btw, don't recommend fillers under the eye, looks so weird...
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I've had a look at the list and there's only one doc listed for fat transfer in London and he's in Birmingham! So - please does anyone know who's good at this procedure in London / Southeast England? Thanks.
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Hi there,

Here is a list of London doctors that use RealSelf. All you need to do is click on the treatment you're looking for and it will list any doctors on RealSelf that cover that treatment. I hope this helps!

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Thanks. But ideally I'm looking for recommendations from individuals so I know the doctor is good at this procedure.