Would a fat graft help under my eyes? How safe is it?

  • Ryan Fines
  • 4 years ago

I had an accident when I was 20 (10 years ago) that has left my eyes black both under and around my eye socket. Also, it has left me with a hollow eye look that I often get comments about. I had often thought it was just b/c of my darker skin tone, but now I am relating it back to the accident. I didnt have quite as dark eyes, and my there was more fat under them too. I look alot older than I should because of this. Would the fat graft help??? How safe is it? Thanks

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I have had a fat transfer (first and second stage) and I have noticed that it has really helped with the appearance of dark circles under my eyes. It takes a while for the puffiness to go away but I am very happy with my results.
All major complications in fat transfer are located under the eyes! Be carefull the Coleman, structural fat grafting or Viafill use straight needles or cannulas to inject an area with eminences and curved (orbital) rims. ask your sugeon about FAMI curved instruments for anatomical safe injection under the eyes.