Has anyone had fat taken from their arms or cankles?

  • 7 months ago

My stubborn spots are my ankles and arms. I'm having implant removal with fat transfer on May 15th, and I'm going to ask if I can have my arms and ankles lipo'd. I've seen youtube videos and have read reviews on these procedures; so I know they're successfully done. Has any one had either of these procedures done with your AFT (Analogous Fat Transfer) procedure?I wonder....can some of that fat also be transferred to the face? Will the doctors do that too?Here's some background info on me:Right now I'm 10 pounds heavier than I usually am and all my clothes are tight because I've had to stay off of my feet after having knee surgery in January (long story). Usually, however, I'm relatively thin--5'6 and size 2 or 4 (but I often need medium shirts because my 310cc or 350cc (I can't remember) silicone implants need the extra space. Haha. And I don't have skinny arms either)The only time I can get lithe, sinewy arms is to diet down to a really low weight, which then has the negative side effect of making me look old (I'm 38)...and that's why I was also wondering if I could get a little fat injected into my cheeks! I know I'm being vein--but I'm already going to be spending the equivalent of a new Kia Optima--So I may as well, get an all over tune up!