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How fast do the effects of botox for migraines on my "raised eyebrows" resolve and is the eyelid edema normal for treatment?

  • Latin59
  • Houston, TX
  • 2 years ago

I had my first migraine treatment with botox on Tuesday this week.  I have experienced no neck pain but do feel a strange sensation in my eyebrows.  My eyes appear different size related to my right eyelid being swollen.  I was wondering if this is the "droopy" effect some of you speak of?  I plan on calling my doctor a neurologist specialist trained in this field that I have seen for years so I do trust her and tell her about these symptoms but not sure anything can be done about it.  Can the neck pain come on later in the month?  Just looking for feedback in this scary world of migraines.  I truly am sick of suffering debilitating, life changing headaches.