Fainting After Liposuction

  • HollyDollyB
  • Dallas, TX
  • 3 years ago

I had liposuction on my thighs 10 days ago. I am 5'7" and before surgery, 180lbs, 29 years old. 4600cc were removed. Since the surgery, I am having terrible difficulty fainting when removing the compression garment to shower. The only way I can regain consciousness is to lay flat. During the day, while wearing the garment, I feel very out of it/groggy/no energy. I am getting worried that this is not improving and wondering if the doctor may have taken too much. Has anyone else experienced anything like this? How long before my body can "replenish" what was taken? I'm getting very discouraged. My recovery is nothing like I thought it would be.

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Hi HollyDolly -- Another RealSelfer, Brookeh, mentioned feeling dizzy after removing her compression garment, so you're not alone. I'm not sure if she ever asked her doctor why, though.

You might also want to post your question on the Doctor Q&A Forum for some opinions; even if it turns out to be normal, it can be quite scary. Make sure you're careful about how much activity you do while you're not feeling well (e.g. carrying things up and down stairs is probably a bad idea).

Take care and please keep us posted on how you're doing.