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Facial exercises - do they really work?

  • 1 year ago

Whether you call it facial yoga or just exercises for the muscles in your face, does puffing your cheeks and sticking out your tongue every day work to tighten things up, or do they simply make you feel silly?

Here's a face yoga video with a few sample exercises.

This is what some doctors have to say about facial exercises to reduce sagging.

And here's a thread in the skin tightening forum in which quite the debate rages about facial exercises. Who knew face yoga could be so controversial?

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It makes sense that face exercise would work if you think about it. They work for other muscles. When discussing "good" facelifts the doctors always mention muscle tightening and facial exercise is based on building your face muscles which not only tighten but also build muscle, adding lost volume. Of course face exercise is basically free, so there's that...
make your face good shape because exercise take too much time to give a result that why i am highly recommended face thin tool which work for face reshape you make your face smaller and thinner
I saw above video. Now a days all are doing facial exercise in looking younger than their age . It is a best exercise and everyone should do it .Thanks for post the video.
I would say that real facial exercises aren't just about puffing your cheeks up and sticking your tongue out, but using the muscles against resistance (in the video above you see she's pressing her fingers into her face and then contracting the muscle). Its kind of like saying a bicep curl without a dumbbell is going to produce exactly the same results - there's no way it can or could do.