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Why a Facelift is in this woman's future

  • 1 year ago

Read the story on HuffPost.

I'd love to hear your thoughts! Is a facelift a good "investment" or done purely for vanity's sake?

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Angie, this is a good question.  I actually said to my own PS pre op that I felt like it was the ultimate in vanity.  And it is. We spend a ton of money , go through the process emotionally and physically all for a look we used to have.  However, I DID also look at it as an investment.  As a professional working with the public, I'm well aware that individuals have can have a profound response to someone's appearance.  Additionally, I just feel more confident in the workplace.  When someone is confident, it can change demeanor,  one's ability to take more risks, and with the risk taking comes reward.  Having said all of this, I find that for me , it was both.  Thanks for the topic!  FG
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Well put!

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