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Facelift: Good Surgeon Referral and Mini or Full?

  • Forlorn
  • New Jersey
  • 2 years ago

Has anyone had a facelift with Dr. Neil Gordon in Connecticut or with Dr. Jonathan Pontell in Pennsylvania?  I have heard that Dr. Gordon can be very full of himself but is an excellent surgeon.  Dr. Pontell has a good reputation as per comments posted but I can't tell if it is his own staff that posted the comments.  I need to get a facelift due to some bad lipo work done by another surgeon who was new at it.  Any tips would be helpful.  Thanks.    

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Hi I dont know any of the surgeons you mentioned but i highly recommand Dr. Charles Loving in NYC. All of my friends are going to him for years (since we were 18) and he has the best hands! My friend just got a facelift from him, she looks 20 years younger and has a very natural look. good luck!
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Does he have a website and any idea of cost?
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droopy jowls at 55 any suggestions
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Sounds like a facelift to raise them as it is gravity pulling down over time. Lower face lift and maybe neck lift
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