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Face-lifted Ladies: Do you miss your sideburns?

  • citroen2cv
  • Santa Rosa, CA
  • 1 year ago

I want a facelift but am concerned about having my sideburns lifted. To those of you who had their sideburns lifted, do you feel self-conscious? Can you pull hair down to make the area in front of your ears less conspicuous? To the ladies (and men) who had facelifts that didn't alter the sideburns- did you get much lift to your face? I hope to hear from you!

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This is an interesting question and I actually had to go to my pictures I posted to see if I had any disruption to my sideburns. It was really not on my radar pre surgery because my PS is pretty careful... but how much lift I got ... well you be the judge. I know I had some clumps of hair come out in the temple but it's growing back already. :)
I looked at your photos. One of the best facelifts I've seen! Beautiful photos. Your surgeon did it just right. He didn't compromise your "hair tufts". Thanks so much for responding.
Thank you very much... I was very specific on only doing what was absolutely necessary for an overall rejuvenated look. I know my lower eyes can look a little 'old' looking at times if I'm tired but he was honest and said I still had good elasticity there and didn't need that or a brow lift. I really appreciated him not 'overdoing' me. And of course also appreciated that he didn't 'sell' me on procedures unnecessarily. My pocketbook liked it too! :)