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Face-lifted Ladies: Do you miss your sideburns?

  • citroen2cv
  • Santa Rosa, CA
  • 1 year ago

I want a facelift but am concerned about having my sideburns lifted. To those of you who had their sideburns lifted, do you feel self-conscious? Can you pull hair down to make the area in front of your ears less conspicuous? To the ladies (and men) who had facelifts that didn't alter the sideburns- did you get much lift to your face? I hope to hear from you!

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This is an interesting question and I actually had to go to my pictures I posted to see if I had any disruption to my sideburns. It was really not on my radar pre surgery because my PS is pretty careful... but how much lift I got ... well you be the judge. I know I had some clumps of hair come out in the temple but it's growing back already. :)
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I looked at your photos. One of the best facelifts I've seen! Beautiful photos. Your surgeon did it just right. He didn't compromise your "hair tufts". Thanks so much for responding.
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Thank you very much... I was very specific on only doing what was absolutely necessary for an overall rejuvenated look. I know my lower eyes can look a little 'old' looking at times if I'm tired but he was honest and said I still had good elasticity there and didn't need that or a brow lift. I really appreciated him not 'overdoing' me. And of course also appreciated that he didn't 'sell' me on procedures unnecessarily. My pocketbook liked it too! :)
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