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Face Lift on Dr Oz Without Surgery Called the Y Lift

  • lee1965
  • Fort Wayne, IN
  • 2 years ago

I saw a face lift on Dr Oz without surgery called the Y lift How much does that cost and do any Drs in Fort Wayne, IN do this?

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Dr. Steven Pearlman wrote:

Most minimally-invasive facelifts have been tried and abandoned. The most recent procedure that has disappeared was the thread lift. There were too many complications and inconsistent results. Facial fillers can go a long way to make faces look more youthful; this new enhancement can really make a difference. But, without an incision and actually pulling up the muscle called the SMAS, a true lift cannot be achieved.

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I don't believe that was without cutting, was it? I thought it had to do with the way he pulled and sewed the skin. Instead of that straight back pulled look at the mouth. There is also one called the S which has to do with the way the surgeon cuts around the back of the ear something like that
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I saw it too. Very impressive. Can anyone tell me if there are doctors in Calif that know and use this procedure....cost, etc..
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