Face Lift

  • bandahanson
  • 1 year ago

Look at Bruce Jenner. How about Kenny Rogers? Do you think they went to a non board certified plastic surgeon? Not. And this is the result. There is simply no way to tell whether the person you select is any good. Board Certified? Big deal. I find that designation dubious at best. Does that mean he has done botox injections and 1000 boob jobs and 1 facelift in his/her entire career. You simply don't know. The web sites for these Dr.s, big deal, anyone can photo shop before and after pictures. Internet? Ridiculous I could write a thousand reviews for myself telling everyone how fab I am. Threre really is no peer review on plastic surgeons and that is what makes it so difficult to choose one that knows squat. How about law suits? I'll bet nine times out of 10 the plastic surgeon agrees to give back the money for the patient to agree to drop the suit. I find the whole experience totally depressing.