Burns on face after laser hair removal

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I had laser hair removal performed yesterday on my face. This is a procedure that I have had in the past with no problems. The laser was set too high and I am severly burned...will I scar? What should I do now? I have been physically ill for 24 hours. It is getting worse.

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Its Really painful condition but you can reduce inflammation and pain by Applying aloe vera to the affected and surrounding areas on your face. Allow the aloe vera to soak in for up to 15 minutes. Apply the aloe vera and vitamin E two to three times daily until your face burns from using hair removal methods have dissipated. Get advice of your family doctor or dermatologist.
I would recommend that you start to use a good zinc oxide oxide ointment as a lotion in the evening and a sunscreen lotion (SPF 15 to 20) in the day time. soothing cleansing twice a day but nothing too severe. Provided that the epidermis continues to be whole and no raw start epidermis is obvious this should help plenty.Night lotions like Desitin butt ointment or A&D ointment performs very well (don't laugh!) If there is an sensitivity with little lumps I would consider the the steroid ointment, but that does slowly treatment and epidermis re-growth some.

There should not be a long lasting epidermis modify with this strategy of techniques but some periods it can be chronic (over a month).

Hope this helps!
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ktu35 did u get ok ? frm ur scar plz teell me n how u managed it?
I recently got laser stretch mark removal on my bottom.

After freaking out from the severe burns and blisters I looked into "Laser Burns" on google.

I was told the laser may of been set too high... which was quite obvious after the healing process.

He did one cheek on 15 (Which looks great), the other on 20 which has burn lines still!

I'm happy to see the one cheek FINALLY fading!! I got it August 20th 2010... it's January 8th 2011.

Be happy you can cover your burns with make-up. Its a long waiting game, but I'm sure you'll see improvement.

Find out what your laser was set to, so you can be sure to go lower next time!