had an eyebrow 'transplant' 2weeks ago. brows are still pink now with tiny blistery looking bumps

  • fennru
  • 5 months ago

hi, has anyone experienced goosebumpy pimply looking brows after eyebrow transplant? it has been two weeks. hairs are shedding as they are supposed to at this stage. what's left though, isn't pretty- tiny raised bumps, slightly itchy and red. ugh. my new york dr. is top notch , he says it's normal so that's good but i would love to hear from anyone else who is going throught his. do i put hot compresses on them? any other suggestions? thanks !!    miss new brows

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How are your brows now? I had this procedure one month ago and experienced the same thing. The bumps are gone now but the area is still very pink. Did this get better with time for you? Do you like the results? Thanks!
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Hey anon, just wondering how your healing is coming along. Did you experience any shock loss to to your existing brow hair?
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I did have shock loss but I taking biotin really helped the hair grow back quickly. I have thin hairs growing in now so I'm hoping to see more soon. It's not enough to wear makeup under yet but it's a start. The redness is pretty faint now too, although there is still some. How about you? Where did you have your procedure?
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