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Has anyone ever had their eye totally close after injections?

  • mrsrevmorgan
  • Great Falls, MT
  • 2 years ago

A week ago I had botox injections to stop a facial twitch.  Now my eye is totally closed and I have to really concentrate to even open it a slit.  Has anyone ever experienced this?  I am calling the Dr. tomorrow but am assuming I just have to wait it out for who knows how long.  Thinking this was a baaaaaad idea.

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I can relate. I work in a large office and am a hair consultant on the side. People stare, but I agree, the closed eye isnt bothering me as much anymore as the headaches and strain on my good eye. Try cutting someones hair with one eye :(
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Oh my gosh, that must be difficult- I can't even wax my own eyebrows right now let alone cut hair! Here's to hoping that they open quickly. My daughter actually commented last night that my eye was open a little more, it is happening, slowly but surely.
You must be into your 4th week. I reach 21 days on Thursday. Do you feel any improvement? My eye is 1/4 open now for about 4 hours after I wake up and then it closes from exhaustion. I've gone back to my regular life but now in sunglasses. How are you doing?
It's been almost a month. I know it is more annoying than I describe, but you understand that. I am trying not to be grumpy, but it makes me that way. Sadly they said it could last up to three months, not until the botox wears off :0(
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well mrsrevmorgen, looks like we are in this together. This closed eye is a very sad and difficult botch up of botox. Im a week behind you - 2 weeks closed and still no improvement. I wonder how long it will take? The worst oart is walking around like a freak. I mean, how long can one admit to an eye infection. I'm going crazy.
I hear you. I have just decided to try and keep my sense of humor about it. Yesterday at work I was helping a customer, I work retail so I can't hide, and as I was walking away the ladies child "whispered", "mommy, what do you think happened to her eye?" I don't know the mother answered. The kid then said, "maybe she got it stabbed out in a fight!" LOL! I got a lot of mileage out of that one! There is nothing but time, hopefully not the full three months. The worst part is that my other eye gets so tired and strained and by the time I get home to my family I have had it!
How long did they say it will take? My eye has been closed sut for 2 weeks now. Ive been told to stick it out for 6 weeks. I cant bear it any longer
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I am going on week 3 and my eye is still closed. I can open it a slit- hopefully it won't take 3 months!
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Had botox a week ago exactly. 4 days after theinjections my left eye compeletely closed. I am told by my doctor it will be okay in 4 days. Why do I think she is lying? I cant belive I paid to look like this.

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just regular exercise? or just facial exercises?
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I do regular exercise. Just because I'm a big exercise enthusiast. I do cardio. Like the eliptical machine for an hour and weight machines 6 days a week. You might also want to try a detox kit that you can get at your local health store. I do that also from time to time. And drink ALOT of water. I'm not sure if this is why, but my Botox was completely gone in 2 months. I sure do hope this helps. I know you must be so frustrated. But at the very least you'll be alot healthier and feel better if it doesn't help get the botox out of your system quicker.
I have a suggestion for you. Exercise alot! I mean a lot, 6 says a week and drink lots of water! I do and my botox only lasted 2 months. Good luck! I hope it goes back to normal fast.
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He said he was "so sorry". He gave me a very small dose he said, avoiding the nerve that runs my eyelid, but he thinks it must not be where it normally is for most people. He said to give it 2 more weeks because it shouldn't have happened in 2 days. He also asked if I was diabetic an is having me take a glucose tolerance test, but I never have been before, besides I have just lost 85 pound from gastric bypass, so I doubt it. I told him about the drops that I saw posted here but he didn't know about them. I asked him to research and he is supposed to get back to me today- here's hoping!
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So did your doctor get back to you about what his research turned up for the drops?? Also, how is your eye doing?

yeah, he prescribed them, I am going to pick them up tomorrow- we'll see how they work.

Wow, how scary for you. :( What did your doctor say??

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