Eye safety during laser facial treatment

  • deblui
  • 2 years ago

I have moved to Asia.  After a few years, quite a few spots appear on my face.  I've purchased a series of "express laser" treatment to get rid of the pigmentation/ age spots.  This "express laser" uses Q-Switched ND:YAG, 1064nm.  This is foreign language to me.  My questions are: 1. Is this safe and effective?  This seems to be very popular in Asia.  2. During the treatment, although my eyes were covered (with come sort of tape), and even when, for some instances, my therapist double-covered my eyes with her hand; I still sense the flashes deep inside my eyeballs.  Is it safe to my eyes?   3. After the treatment, for a few days, my eyes feel dry and easily tired.  Would this problem relate to the laser treatment?   4. What should be used to cover eyes during such laser treatment?   Thank you very much.

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Eye is most important part of body care eyes and advice doctor.

Hi there, thanks for your post, I would suggest that you follow up with the office that did your procedure and see what they have to say about your eyes feeling dry and easily tired.