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Under eye bags after Botox to glabella and upper forehead.

  • AZJamie
  • Columbus, GA
  • 2 years ago

Last week I had Botox to my upper forehead and I had just a few slight lines left in my lower forehead after a week.  So yesterday I went back and my dr who is a board certified anesthiaologist said I needed to have my glabella injected to purport my forehad and it would take care of the wrinkles in the lower forehead.   I had originally had 8 units in my upper forehead, and then she added 8 units to my glabella.   When I woke up this morning, my eyes were numb and tingly and I have massive bags under my eyes.  I have NEVER had bags under my eyes. I called the office and she said it was normal and she would call me in a few days.      Ive went thought the forum and seen lots of posts about crows feet, but not much on under eye bags after the forehead and glabella were treated.  Is this common and will the bags go away?  I've worried myself sick.   I'm 34 and this was my 1 st botox experience.  I should also note the sides of my nose are numb too making me think the Botox ran down from my glabella into my eye sockets.