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Extremely poor neck lift results, and while discussing refund, PS suggests I write him a letter. What do I say in the letter?

  • westsider
  • East Alton, IL
  • 3 months ago

Extremely poor results, worse than pre-op. In pre-op appts I clearly, repeatedly said I did NOT want any lipo. Was performed anyway, so much fat removed that other PSs say revision difficult, also need fat grafts. Original PS says will consider refund, asks that I write him a letter. What to say in this letter? I have no money for revision unless he gives me a refund. Am sad, aged by years. Even wearing scarf friends comment on my neck, as wrinkles and visible platysma begin right under chin.

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This was a couple months ago, are you still working on this? I would be willing to help with composing a letter.