EXTREMELY disappointed with 1 month results???

  • donna in cleveland
  • cleveland, oh
  • 3 years ago

hi ladies..i have been reading and watching your pic's and posts since before my tt on 5/23/11. i feel panic stricken that i've made a huge mistake. i am so swollen that it's ridiculous. cant hardly fit into size large sweat pants. i had a combined surgery (complete pelvic recontruction) and saved $1500 by doing so. i had drain tubes removed a week postop, but then developed a huge hematoma, so i've a had new drain tube for 2 weeks! i HAD to go back to work 3 weeks post op (couldn't get more time off) i was just wondering if anyone can "honestly" tell me if they've heard of tt gone wrong. my ps told me all is good, but what would he say? he screwed up..i doubt it. besides my last 2 visits i never get to see HIM, only his nurse/assistant who my the tube back in. im getting pissed and dont know what to do...i am fatter that before the tt. this long recovery is driving me nuts. EVERYTHING is a struggle...from trying to taka a shower to trying to get a good nites sleep. thanks for listening, im just scared that i will be a horror story.

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I had mine last summer. It didn't take that long. I had no drain tummy tuck. He didn't tughten very well but i look much better. I am going for correction very soon. Hope u feel better
P.S. I would redo in heartbeat. i'll pray for u
Do you recommend your Dr. To others, or would you suggest another Dr? Hope everything worked out for you!!!
I'm depressed too. I'm nearing my 6th week and cannot fit into much. I have a major swell pooch. The PS says it's normal but it's so depressing not being able to fit in mt clothes . ;(
I had my TT w/MR on June 14. I have had a couple of issues as well. I was off 4 weeks, worked 1 week, and now I am off for at least another 2 weeks. I had a spot where my incision opened up because of a stitch and then 2 places where the doctor had to cut me open again (3 inches each place back down to the facia) and remove the internal sutchers and sew me back up. Unfortunately, these are all possible side effects - seromas and hematomas are also possibities. You also had another procedure done - just breathe. It didn't go the way either of us planned, but it has gone this way - so we have to just get better. I don't believe my PS made any mistakes, just an unfortunate side effect. Let us know how you are doing and just know that you are not alone. Feel free to email me if you need to talk.
How are you now?
Sounds like you didn't just have a TT, but had other major surgical procedures done with the complete pelvic reconstruction. Recovery from all of that will most definitely take time. Sorry you had some complications but you will only be 4 weeks post op on 6/23/11. That's not very long at all for recovery time for what you had done.

You've been through a LOT - more than just a TT. I know it's difficult but try to be patient.

Best Wishes!

Okay, deep breaths. I think it's likely that you're still swelling. The swell hell goes on and on and on. Especially for some women. It sounds like you had a complication, which could delay your swelling going down, as well. Go check out Kimmers' Month by Month Tummy Tuck Diary. She was still swollen at 1 month and I think her surgery went extremely well.

I'm sorry this recovery has been so difficult for you. Try to be patient with your body and remember it has been put through the wringer!

Keep us posted!