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Still have extreme nipple sensations 7 weeks post op...

  • sassybritches62
  • Salt Lake City, UT
  • 3 years ago

I had a breast lift with implants 7 weeks ago. I have read on line story after story of how you should be healed and pretty much back at a normal routine around 3 weeks. My #$$!!! I am just this week starting to feel anything close to normal again. I LOVE my new breast, and have no regrets doing the surgery, but for me it has been the most painful surgery I have ever had ( And I have had several). I live in a state that is still cold and I can't go outside without nipple protectors on. My nipples shoot painful sensations through my breast when I do. The cold wind does the same thing. I definatley have more pain in one breast then the other and still have swelling at the bottom of one breast. My Surgeon say's they are healing and are looking good, that I am just a slow healer. Is there anybody else out there that has still had pain (it is not constant) at 7 weeks? Also, when I even get up and walk my breast go hard. Kinda feels like it did when I was nursing my babies 20 years ago.

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i also have nipple sensation where they hurt and they are always hard . I cant find A bra that looks good and is comfortable.I hate Victorias Secret bras
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Thank you for posting that link for me to read. I have to say that just since I posted this, things do seem to be FINALLY getting better. Still have a lot of sensation when out in the cold, so I try to stay well covered... and wouldn't you know it... it is snowing today!! lol
At least things are improving, and it helped to read that I am not alone in this!! Thank you!!
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I'm sorry you're dealing with this. You might find this link helpful, about a woman with extreme nipple sensitivity. Her surgery was breast augmentation and she's 3 weeks out, but you might find what the doctors say to relate to your situation somewhat.

I can totally relate to that feeling of nursing babies when your milk comes in. So weird!

I hope this resolves soon. Please keep us posted!

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