how many extra pounds of fat do i have to have to get a butt like nicki minaj when i get my bbl?

  • Cecebella
  • Boston,MA
  • 1 year ago

I need to figure out how much weight I should have on me to get a big heart shaped booty after my bbl but I have no idea how much fat I need. Im currently 8 pounds over what is suggested for my height. Is that enough? im looking at my stomach and flanks and I feel like all that can go into one butt cheek. I really didn't want to gain weight cause I read that recovery is quicker, easier and over all safer for people that are close to their goal weight. My goal weight is 115, im only 4'11" and as of right now I feel like an oompa-loompa...and very I was thinking of gaining 5-10 guys gotta understand that for someone as small as me 5-10 is ALOT especially when im already 8 pounds over what I should be. Im not really sure what I should do. Has anyone with my stature had this dilemma?