Extended tummy tuck recovery time?

  • samarooni
  • Seattle, WA
  • 5 years ago

Hi all, I am tentatively scheduled for the above procedure next month, and I'm not sure how long to request off of work. Have you had an extended Tummy Tuck recovery period? How long until could you tolerate a full day of (office) work?

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I am a little disappointed by the results of my tummy tuck. After all the pain and money, I still have a small buldge above my navel and was told to loss a little weight and that would improve. It did, but the weight below the navel also decresed and now it looks like sunken in below my navel. Why is this was the surgery not done right or is this just a side effect that I have to deal with? It's been four years and now I have gained back 12 pounds which has inproved the area below the navel, but the pouch above the navel is still there.
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I'd suggest you post about your TT experience and ask the community for feedback. 

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