Explantation Consult Tomorrow

  • Lolita
  • Marrero, LA
  • 8 months ago

In May 2005, I underwent implant exchange and lift because i had suffered for years with CC in my then 8 year old implants.  My doctor talked me into going up from 250 saline to 350 saline. I was happy with the smaller size and already had trouble finding shirts to fit correctly so I was very reluctant to upsize but figured the doctor knew best- and I made the mistake of bringing my husband to the consult so I was outnumbered. In addition to looking heavier because of the larger breasts, I now suffer with lots of breast pain and tenderness, headaches, neck, shoulder and back aches, fatigue, mental fog, forgetfulness and many other hormonal type issues. I was considering scheduling another exchange for a smaller size but after reading so many happy explantation stories and learning so much more about the previously undisclosed complications of implants, I have decided to just have them removed and give my body and mind at least a year to heal. I can't see paying out another $8k to $$16k for something that causes so many toxic symptoms and has such a short life expectancy. I was very confused over my options for a few weeks then I walked past the lingerie section yesterday and became giddy when I realized I may be able to shop for cute bras in the near future instead of having such a limited selection of DD and DDD. I have my second consult tomorrow and will also set two or three more consultations before deciding on a doc, Thanks to all of you who have shared your stories and especially to those brave enough to post photos. You have all been an inspiration and a big help.If anyone has any recommendations for a plastic surgeon in the New Orleans area who is experienced in explantation, please let me know.