Explant with Fat Transfer

  • JudithD23
  • Northern California
  • 1 year ago

Hi, I know a number of women have had a fat transfer with explant and I'm wondering how things are going.  My explant has been moved up from April 10th to March 20th, which I'm very happy about.  My MRI revealed a stable benign finding of a cyst or nodule so they're going to take that out at the same time they do the explant.  The diagnostic ultra sound found that the nodule is very smooth and pliable, so they call it a benign finding.  And it seems that my mammograms have noted this since 2008.  Hopefully they can find it and excise it during explant and the biopsy will come back negative.  Always something to think about though. Right now I'm not planning on a fat transfer, but I'm so tempted.  I would appreciate hearing back from you all who have had it, your good or bad experiences.  I so appreciate the information everyone shares.  

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