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I'm 40 years old, 5' 3", 115 lbs, 34B prior to surgery.  Misunderstanding between my PS and myself resulted in me having 350cc high profile implants, under muscle, on 3-7-12.  My breast are too big.    All I wanted to achieve was a fuller top portion of my breast and to have my nipple raised a little.  After a few post op consultations, my PS has agreed to exchange the implants for 200cc low profile.  The diameters of the implant are the same; so there is no concern with the pocket already created.  I don't know if I should go through with the exchange or just have them removed all together.  I am terified that they will still be too big and then I'm stuck because a third surgery would be out of the question for at least 6 months later.  The PS will only say I will see a significant change.  Has anyone had 200cc, low profile implants? If so, what was the result?  How about those who chose to have removal?  Were you satsified with those results?  Did your breast return to their original size?  Any input would be greatly appreciated.

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I would love to know how your 200cc's turned out...did you go through with it? I'm in identical situation...my PS gave me 350cc's and I'm miserable, they're too big at a full 34D. He's offered to swap them for 250cc's but I'm not sure it will be small enough, and I'm thinking I should go as low as 200cc. I just wanted to fill my post-nursing boobs, not really go much bigger.
Hi toobusty, I'm in the same situation as you. In November I got 400cc and I'm severely depressed. I want to downsize to 200 low profile. Have you downsized yet? How was the outcome? Are you happier?
hi, I have just posted about my implants being to small !. I am 5ft2 1/2 (!), 117lbs& was 250 cc, Mentor or Mcghan overs. I assume they were moderate profile. I had them for 15 years& was always very self conscious as felt them to big for my frame.
After a scare with regard to silicone diffusion, I decided to replace them. The ps suggested (at my request of making them less noticable) that he downsize them about 65cc. However, I was unable to find out what my original cc was.
I used to wear a 34AA bra & was wearing a 34C & felt my breast very full as I do not tend to have much upper body fat (it's all on my thighs!)
I've now had 175cc Allergan Moderate profile& to be honest, I miss my old breasts. My hubby describes my previous breasts as 'eye catching' (not that I EVER showed them off & in fact, kept them secret) & now he says my breasts are fine& a good size for me shape.
I'm 43 & have breastfed my 2 children for a total of over 4 years, so, imo, my breasts had seen a lot of activity!
My op was 4 weeks ago & I am already researching if/when I can have them enlarged(maybe to a 210CC - although am thinking moderate plus profile might be better)
In terms of aesthetics, he has done a good job, they look fine, very natural with a slope at the top...but I would prefer them...fuller...:-/
I will try to post a photo later on my profile..

There's a pretty big difference between a 350cc HP and a 200cc LP. You would likely notice a definite reduction. To see some women who've had their implants completely removed, check out the breast implant removal community.

I hope this helps and that some ladies who've done this will respond as well!