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How Do I Explain my Plastic Surgery to my Child? (Age 5) Getting the Mommy Makeover?

  • FunAt30
  • San Diego, CA
  • 7 months ago

How do I explain my surgeries to 5 year old? What am I going to tell her about my cut/recovery/drains and why my boobs are bigger? Or the fact that I have to wear a girdle or that I can't walk for a couple weeks? I'm starting to freak out. My body is going to change and I'm not sure how to even explain this to her. I'm gonna be in pain, & I'll prob. cry. I'm starting to feel a little sad that this could affect her own self esteem in the future. Need your advice and support!

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I have 5 year old twins. I didn't know what to tell mine either. My surgery was last Tuesday. My husband and I didn't tell them anything beforehand b/c we didn't want them worrying. When they got home from school, he just told them mommy had to get some shots and her tummy will be sore for awhile. They know to be gentle with me so they don't hurt my "ouchies." Surprisingly, they really haven't asked too many questions and they've remembered not to be too rough with me. I'm not a parenting expert, so I'm not sure if there is a better way to go about it or not, but I just feel like at this age, they don't need to know too much about it. Don't stress over it. Kids can handle more than we give them credit for. Good luck to you :-)
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Thank you Pixiedust! What a sweetheart! What a great way to tell them! I'll try that. My surgery is in a couple weeks and telling them mommy has an ouchy is perfect! I'm just over thinking everything now. You know how emotions go before... I'm sure! Sending you get well soon wishes! :-D
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Omf this totally helped me. I'm 3 days away from surgery and stressing out. I'm planning on taking the same approach I will be home when they leave for school and back when they get home. Having only breast aug. So when they got home I was just going to be 'sick' my kids are 5 and 3 and I'm hoping this will work for right now. When they are older I plan on explaining it to them.... Geez it's hard being a mom sometimes!
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I sometimes suggest that women explain it as "reconstructive" and say your body got stretched out by pregnancy. Not sure how that sits with you, but it's an idea. Hope you get lots of other feedback here.

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