How Do I Explain to my Parents That I Want a Rhinoplasty?

  • Morgan9469
  • 2 years ago

Ever since I was in eighth grade I have disliked my nose; I would sit in the back of the class of sit at certain angles in order to avoid any attention to my nose. I am now sixteen and am saving for the procedure. How to I explain to my parents that I want to have it done? Especially without offending my mom who has a larger nose that runs throughout her whole family?

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I have also been wanting this procedure done from a young age. I too have inherited my mothers nose haha. I always knew I was going to get this done and now I have finally decided this is the right time to move forward with it! I'm 22 now, and when I was around 14-17 I was superrrrr insecure about my nose. I would always have to be in a certain place in group pictures so my nose would look at its "best" haha. I had also never brought up the fact that I hated my nose to anyone...I spent so much time and energy trying to avoid bringing attention to it that I found telling my parents that I had any sort of problem with it soo scary. But like I said...I'm 22 now, I am an adult and making this decision for myself and no one else. Basically what I did when I told my mom was make sure she was having a good day, and approached her when she was not busy and had time to talk. I basically just came out with it and said " I want to talk to you about something...Im not looking for your consent or approval but just hope you will understand and be willing to help me...etc" because I'm paying for the procedure myself...I really only need help during the recovery a bit. I also explained how I've hated my nose this I don't think it's a feeling that is going to go I'd rather get this done at a young age then wait until I'm older and regret the wait . Anyways hope this helps somewhat!
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I'm trying to figure out the same thing!
I have disliked my nose for as long as you have, but was never open about it with my parents. Honestly, I'd just say be open about how you feel about your nose. Bring up tiny details about how it affects your daily life... how you always have to avoid angles or hide behind your hair or whatever you might do...
Beyond that, I think it's just going to take time for them to become more accepting and realistic about it. Just keep mentioning it... at least that's the approach I'm taking. Make sure to make it clear that it's a very personal thing, it should be about you and not anybody else.

Anyone else have advice?
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