How do I explain to the kids why mommy isn't feeling well?

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  • Seattle, WA
  • 3 years ago

Ok, four more days to go!..Im so excited I can't wait to see the new me. Dont get me wrong I still have negative thoughts from time to time, but the positive outweigh the bad ones..still haven't gotten around to uploading before pics. Ive been so busy trying to get everything in order around the house just haven't found the time. Quick question, unfortunately, I wont have the convenience of my kids being away for a week or two during my down time. How do I go aboutshould I explain the reason why mommy is all hunched over and full of drains? im going to try and post something everyday leading up to my surgery and after for that matter..headed to bed now its been a long weekend.. Happy 4th to everyone..

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Depending on how old they are give minimal details.  You could tell them that you had some "lady" surgery and that everything will be fine.  Explain to them that you did this to make yourself feel better.

Kids do well with this as long as they know you will be fine in the end.  Give them little things to do to help you while recovering.  Get you water, make you toast, small things.  If they are included in the process they will feel important and very helpful. 

My son was 17 when I had mine and I about ran him ragged the first week...LOL

He finally sent his girlfriend over to help because he was wiped out.  hehe.

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